October 5, 2021

Is Suzuki The Next Contender For Australia’s Cheapest Electric Car?

Technology has been a boon in every field of today’s world. And, even in the world of cars, technology has blessed us with electric cars. Electric cars have numerous benefits. Among all the other advantages, being friendly towards the environment through the erasing of the use of gas, diesel and petrol, is unprecedented.

Australia, too has been enjoying the launch of electric cars, and there has been a question rising- is Suzuki the next contender for Australia’s cheapest electric vehicle? Well, to have an answer or an idea about this statement, we need to look through several aspects. And, the following discussion would readily give us all the information we need to know about the statement, as mentioned earlier.

Status of electric cars in Australia

There prevails a factor in Australia which is unlike other countries. Here, the government does not offer subsidies to support electric car owners. Additionally, in Victoria, there prevails the jurisdiction where you are penalised for EV ownership. The reason for such grievance is because of the issue of price. The government of Australia states the EV is too costly and is also more expensive than anywhere else. Therefore, Suzuki electric cars appear as saviours in these instances. Their price is lower than most other electric cars, and their features do not compromise quality or number because of the low prices. Also, you can find Suzuki service and repair effortlessly to avail yourself of the benefits for your Suzuki cars in Australia.

What benefits do you receive from Suzuki electric cars?

The following list highlights the various advantages you receive from Suzuki electric cars that prove to be substantial reasons that support the statement that Suzuki can be the next competitor for the cheapest electric vehicles in Australia.

    • Price

Suzuki offers you the most affordable electric cars among any other company. Therefore, since the price builds up to be a significant factor in hindering the smooth reach of the electric vehicles in Australia, the Suzuki electric cars will be high in demand because of their low price and increased affordability. Therefore, they will prove to be good competitors as electric cars in Australia. Also, if you want to avail of its car service in Perth or anywhere else, you can get it at the most affordable prices and of the best quality.

    • Easy maintenance requirements

It is no wonder that electric cars may need high maintenance requirements. There are reasons for it. First, they are yet to become the regular type of cars at the global level. Therefore, it is often difficult to comply with the requirements to be fulfilled for maintaining electric vehicles. But, here too, the Suzuki electric cars stay a step ahead to ease you. Its maintenance requirements are hassle-free and easy. Also, since their price is not intensely high, their servicing requirements and maintenance aspects do not require high costs. Therefore, affordability plays a crucial and advantageous role in this sphere of nurturing the vehicle.

    • Easy to recharge

The first thought that comes to one’s mind while purchasing an electric car is the vehicle’s recharging. It is the most influential component of electric cars. And it often is an aspect of worry whether it will be an easy matter to recharge your electric car. Here, too, Suzuki electric cars help you to be free from concern. Recharging the electric cars of Suzuki is more accessible than most other electric cars, which makes it a strong competitor for the other companies in the sphere of electric cars.

Only being affordable does not make any company a strong competitor. The more advantages a car offers, the better and sturdier it will hold its grounds in the market. And, as you can see that Suzuki has the ability to maintain its market quite firmly. Also, its price factor plays one of the most vital aspects for it to remain standing as the company for electric cars in Australia.


Many electric car selling companies are present, but what makes Suzuki stand out is its high affordability. More importantly, its low prices do not let the features get affected. And it is the reason why Suzuki can prove to be the next strong competitor for electric car companies in the land of Australia.

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