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Placed under the back of the car, muffler and exhaust system can be described as an exhaust system of your car engine. They help in reducing the noise created by your engine and controlling its backpressure.

It is essential for providing a sustainable performance to the car. An effectively performing exhaust system will keep your car running smoothly and prevent all sorts of breakdowns. It does a fundamental job of moving harmful fumes exhaust from your car engine.

It will decrease emissions and can even improve your car’s mileage. Some signs could mean you have issues with your muffler and exhaust system for which it needs to get checked from an auto repair shop for service.

Indications of Exhaust Problems 

  • Vibrations – If your car is vibrating unusually, there might be an issue in the car exhaust system which calls for car exhaust repair services.
  • Shaking Noise – Catalytic converter is quite possibly the most costly part of the exhaust system. There should be no point in taking chances in giving it expert care. 
  • Exhaust Noises – If you are experiencing louder noise, there might be an issue in muffler or exhaust pipe.
  • Less Fuel Efficiency – If your car is not providing the standard fuel mileage, it very well may be an exhaust issue which needs thorough diagnosis or car exhaust services.

Best Car Exhaust And Muffler Repair Services At Competitive Costs

We all want to see our cars performing well, don’t we? The car exhaust system is an overlooked part as most people care about other factors of the car like brakes, fuel, engine etc. Proper functioning exhaust system and the muffler is useful for diverting fumes from a car engine. To make sure your exhaust system and mufflers are good to go, you should believe in SAI Auto Care for providing exhaust repair and maintenance services.

Our team of master car specialists are proficient at managing fumes issues, from standardised to customised. At whatever point you figure you may have an issue in your exhaust system or muffler, it will be a smart call to bring your car to us as if the issues are overlooked, it can compound into significant engine harm.

You can depend on SAI Auto Care for all types of diesel and petrol car services. We are recognised as Perth’s most trusted car repair service providers where you can find all sorts of services in competitive prices as per the Industry standards. Below are the services we perform under the category of car exhaust and repair service.

  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket Repair
  • Car exhaust replacement,
  • Muffler Repair and Installation
  • Exhaust pipe repair, 
  • Exhaust leak repair
  • Exhaust Pipe Cleaning, Repair and Restoration
  • Catalytic Converter (CAT) Testing
  • Catalytic Converter Repair or Replacement
  • Exhaust Leak Repair (Minor or Major)
  • Exhaust Diagnostics

Choose SAI Auto Care For Complete Car Exhaust Repairs

SAI auto care is a full-service car exhaust shop, having a clear and flawless record of car repairs of all makes and models. Car exhaustion issues are associated with engine and health; therefore, they cannot be skipped if there is an issue.

With SAI Auto Care, your car is being repaired and maintained by expert mechanics who understand the complete mechanism. For going the extra mile to help our customers with our car repair in Perth, we regularly update our machinery and tools for providing quick and comprehensive support. Contact us now for getting the best service of your car and get amazed by our results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Considering the car experts who have been actively present in numerous car repair operations, it is highly recommended to get the exhaust system repaired after every 2 to 3 years. 

Below are some of the signs of a bad exhaust system:

  • Excessive Engine/Exhaust Noise
  • Diminished Fuel Economy
  • Unusual knocking sound
  • Misfiring Engine
  • Leaking Exhaust Manifold
  • Low hanging exhaust pipe

The cost to fix the exhaust system depends upon the vehicle’s specifications and the sort of problem you are facing. Since the volume of the problem cannot be specified, it can come from the range of 150 AUD to 1150 AUD

The car exhaust system is one of the prime components of your car, and it is interconnected with various other components that work in sync. When the car exhaust gets affected, it is always advisable to consider professional experts for repairing related jobs. The expert mechanics can do the best practices that can enhance the life of your car for numerous years. 

Driving with a broken exhaust pipe can lead to further complications as it is interlinked with other exhaust components. It is advised to consider a professional mechanic if you have a broken exhaust pipe in your car.