Clutch and Transmission Repair

Clutch And Transmission Repair

Clutch and transmission are one of the crucial aspects of the car without which driving is not possible. No matter if you go a small distance or cover a long journey, there is no point that you will miss the importance of clutch and transmission which are required to be in the best condition.

There is no point of ignoring the clutch or transmission that are directly associated with safety on roads. Taking care of your safety and ensuring that you are always safe whenever you are out with your family, friends or driving alone. For providing you transmission clutch repair services,  we can assist you with our best in class services leading to solving the car issues and diagnosing all aspects.

No matter if your car needs repairing or replacement, your all sorts of queries get taken care of by our mechanics who leave no stone unturned in getting your cars back on track with specialised skills. 

Not just clutch and transmission, you can trust SAI for all sorts of repair and maintenance services of all makes and models.

Signs Your Car Needs A Transmission Repair

For car owners, it becomes imperative to go for regular transmission repair service, which is essential for taking care of services. If your car transmission starts to fail, you should check your transmission clutch repair from us. The sooner you get your car repaired, the lesser cost you need to bear in the end. Below are some signs which indicate a problem in the transmission.

1. Difficulty in shifting gears
If you are experiencing events like

  • Car gears getting a shift on their own.
  • Experience jerks while shifting gears.
  • Face difficulty while changing gears.

2. Unusual sound between gears

If your car is producing grinding sound in case of manual transmissions or getting shaken in automatic transmissions,  you might need to get it checked from an experienced mechanic.

3. Burnt, cloudy transmission fluid
If the colour of Transmission fluid has turned darker and opaque, it is a sign of burned transmission.

4. Leakage in transmission fluid
If there is any leakage, it might be a sign that your transmission fluid has a leakage and requires to be checked by an auto care expert like us.

SAI Auto Care – Perth’s Transmission Specialists

SAI auto care is the name you trust for your car repairs and services. Just like you, we are too car enthusiasts who share the passion of treating cars like a king. Over the years, we have immensely grown and become a one-stop service centre for doing all sorts of tasks related to car repairs and maintenance tasks. Our services speak for themselves as no matter what is the size of the issue in your car, we will give our 100% in resolving all sorts of issues with sheer perfection. When you seek for a car transmission shop in Perth and pay a visit to our centre, you will find a complete set of instruments for providing the best in class services. All our services are backed by quality check and affordable prices so that you don’t need to think twice before getting the best services for your cars.  Our auto repair shop will make you feel that you have taken the best decision in letting us take care of your car issues.

Car transmissions are one of our specialties, get in touch with us and select the best services for your car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of clutch repairs is largely dependent upon the make and model of the car. However, considering a general assumption, the cost of clutch repairs can be between 550 to 1300 AUD.

The clutch lifespan is dependent upon the driving ability which differs from person to person. Going as per the general assumption, the clutch life is approximately 50,000 km before they seek a replacement. In case of replacement, consider only the authorised car mechanics having skills in working on your car.

Below are the series of steps that can help in checking the transmission fluid of your car.

1. Pulling out the dipstick with the engine on

2. Checking the fluid of your car

3. Clean the dipstick and reinsert it again.

If your car transmission is having issues, it will be showcasing some signs simply indicating the need for repairs. Being a car owner, it becomes a prime area of concern that you catch all these signs and get them resolved at the earliest.

  • Burning Smell
  • Unusual noise while the car is in neutral
  • Leaking fluid
  • Slipping gears
  • Grinding