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A timing belt is necessary for connecting the crankshaft to the camshaft. It is also useful for controlling the opening and closing of the engine’s intake and exhaust valves. Keeping a tight grip ensures synchronisation during strokes which are responsible for smooth rotation. It goes without saying that there is a need for keeping it in the best condition as no one wants to experience unnecessary breakdowns.

If the belts are not in normal condition, it can create problems which can later lead to hefty price tags as it can directly affect the engine performance. The timing belt must be checked and replaced if their need arises by a prolific mechanic like us who can save your time and money in the long run.

No matter which brand you own, your car is more than just a medium to take you from point A to Point B. With our services, you get the best for your car, as we have the expertise to do the best work. From repairs to replacement to service, we do all sorts of work at our workshop and get you the best service, which you deserve for your car.

When To Change The Timing Belt And, Why Is It Important?

A timing belt is a crucial component for a car and just like other equipment, its performance starts getting degraded after a while. Ordinarily, it is recommended that the car timing belt should get replaced after every 1,00,000 km.

Regular servicing and care of timing belts are essential for having a working engine for the functioning of the internal components of the car. There are many factors which lead to a fault in-car timing belt as it can get affected by leaking water pumps, faulty belt hardware, or inadequate tension.

If you experience an issue in your timing belt, you can take our inspection to unclutter all aspects requiring your attention. Our mechanics utilise the latest technology for checking the life of timing belts and provide you with the most relevant solution for the better performance of your car.

Our Timing Belt Replacement And Servicing

SAI auto care is home to all sorts of repair services which you might experience in your car. We all seek an uninterrupted and relaxed driving experience and make the best of the moment. For solving all your car issues, we provide rapid services aimed to clear all the hassles from your life and save your time and money.

In terms of timing belt services, we do the quick and effective timing belt replacement and repair services. As per leading car experts and enthusiasts, the timing belt must be replaced regularly for which we are equipped with the best quality timing belt to take the place of your car. Our qualified mechanics can tackle all sorts of car repair services and do their respective tasks in your budget.

Before commencing our work, our expert mechanic will explain to you the complete process of car repairing and how we will make it more efficient. We use only the trusted set of equipment which are approved by the Industry so that there is no issue as soon as your car leaves our workshop.

Visit SAI Auto Care Shop And Avoid The Risk Of Timing Belt Failure.

No matter if you use your car for a daily commute or use it once in a while, it requires timely care for productive performance. We, SAI Auto Care, are counted among the best car mechanics in Perth who have grown and developed themselves for solving all sorts of car issues.

Over the years, cars running in Australian streets have developed, and so we. We have brought the highly advanced set of equipment for doing the services at a rapid pace as we don’t want our customers to wait. For your timing belt replacement service, we have everything to offer for our customers making us a one-stop solution for any sorts of service.

If you are facing issues with your belt and looking for timing belt replacement in Perth, get in touch with us and make the best decision for your car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A timing belt is a critical operation and must be done only by auto repair professionals. Below are the tasks that are involved in the timing belt services when you take your car to a genuine car mechanic.

  • Water Pump Replacement
  • Fresh Coolant Replacement
  • Idler Pulleys, Tensioners, Drive Belts, Crankshaft, and Camshaft Services

Considering a general amount, the price you will be paying for getting the timing belt replaced will be 300 to 500 dollars as it will be based on the car’s make and model. Being a crucial element of your car, it becomes imperative for the car owners to consider only the professionals having years of experience in timing belt related operations.

The duration of timing belt replacement depends upon the car manufacturer timelines. Taking a general point of view, it is recommended to go for timing belt replacement at the range of every 50,000 – 1,00,000 miles. If you want to get your timing belt replaced, trust only the industry specialist experts and do not fall into the trap of cheap services.

If your timing belt has turned bad or requiring any sort of services or repairs, it will be showing some signs that you as a car owner need to catch to save your car from further repairs.

  • The car engine making a tickle sound.
  • Engine struggling to start
  • Engine rough Idling
  • Oil leakage and pressure decline

If any of the above-mentioned sound familiar to you, get your car repaired at a trusted auto repair shop and resolve the issue before it gets problematic.

The timing belt is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your car engine. If it gets worn, there will be a tickling sound produced by the engine.