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We offer complete car service, auto repair & maintenance

auto repair services

We conduct a thorough diagnosis process to trace out all possible issues of your car. Check out our complete car diagnostic service now.

A car engine is the most crucial aspect and demands the best attention of any car user. With our specialised tools and machinery, we provide best in class services for your engine.

With SAI Auto Care, you find a complete range of solutions for your car suspension through the help of our car mechanics. Book your appointment now!

Brakes are associated with the safety of everyone; therefore, there should be no compromise in its functionality. With us, you get a complete range of brake services designed as per your car make and model.

With SAI Auto Care, getting the best of extensive transmission clutch repair service is just a call away. Get in touch with our experienced mechanics now!

Batteries function as a powerhouse of cars. We serve the best car battery repair and replacement services for your car, which enhances its performance.

SAI Auto Care- Professional Car Service Perth

SAI Auto Care – Complete Car Repair and Service Shop Perth

SAI Auto Care is a team of car mechanics in Perth who are proficient in diagnosing, servicing, and repairing all petrol and diesel cars. We know that your cars are making your everyday life easy from work to leisure so if there is any issue which causes you any trouble, it should be rectified with immediate effect. In Perth,you can rely on SAI Auto Care to take care of your car as much as you do. For servicing and repairing your car as fast as possible, we offer exceptional service and professionalism at an economical price to lengthen its life and performance. Australia is home to many technically advanced cars in the world which require specialised auto care services for which we can provide a faultless and professional job. As all car repairs are not the same, we offer you personalised services as per the car make and model. Choosing us for car service in Perth means you’ll remain confident that your cars are in safe hands.

Our Car Repair Services in Perth

SAI Auto Care is a well-established brand, which can be trusted for providing all sorts of minor and major repair services of cars of all makes and models. Our professionals are best in handling a wide range of operations with 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Replacement and repair of brakes
  • Shock absorber and suspension system repairs
  • Transmission repair and clutch servicing
  • Repairing mufflers and exhaust systems
  • Cooling system and radiator repairs
  • Major and general car repair
  • Car Battery Services
  • General Petrol and Diesel Car Service

Our Car Mechanic in Perth

Modern cars are technologically advanced and synonyms of engineering marvels for which there is a need for a car mechanic who possesses technical knowledge and experience. We have a team which knows your car better than you. Working on different makes and models has provided our technicians with the advantage of identifying car issues and resolving them at our service centre. Our workshop is equipped with factory based tools and technology, ensuring that our auto mechanics have everything for serving your car with supreme standards. From the minor tasks to the one which are highly advanced, we can perform anything with sheer perfection for our clients.

Free Car inspection

If you expect the best service of your car which is as premium and genuine as the brand you own so don’t look further than SAI Auto Care as we are the team of specialised mechanics who are best in their job. When you get your car to us for any sort of repair, we will perform services with sheer dedication and honesty to provide you with the best results. Take your car for a free inspection and get amazed by our services.

For getting a complete inspection which covers everything in your car, we are here to help you! Call and book your free car inspection now!

Why Choose SAI Auto Care for Car Service and Repairs Perth?

Getting your car serviced with us ensures that it is getting quality service and care which it deserves. We primarily rely on customer referrals to bring more business. So, customer satisfaction is our priority as a happy customer is a repeat customer. We provide affordable car repair and maintenance services adherent to the car model’s specifications. Following are the reasons which make us best for car service & repair shop in Perth:

  • Car Repairing and servicing of all makes and models
  • Skilled Mechanics
  • Thorough Inspection of your car with specialised tools
  • Genuine Spare Parts and accessories
  • Economical Prices
  • Accurate Engine Diagnosis

Your Four Wheeler needs the best care and SAI Auto Care Provides that, Don’t wait, Book your next car service Now!

What Our Customers Say

Tim Cooper,Perth, WA
Highly recommended! I recently took my car to SAI AUTO CARE after a couple awful experiences at chain repair shops. SAI Auto Care surpassed my expectations in fixing my car problems. The staff was very helpful, honest and stayed in communication with me about the status of my car. Amazing service, keep up the good work.
Car Repair Perth
Hannah Smith,Perth, WA
SAI Auto Care has done a great job for servicing and maintaining the performance of my car to the top. I got my Skoda Fabia’s wheel alignment fixed from here. SAI Auto Care worked above my expectations with the latest machinery tools and equipment. Good job guys keep your services like this always.
Mechanics in Perth
Steve White,Perth, WA
SAI Auto Care had done every job from inspection to final servicing above expectation. I own a Toyota Corolla and always take it here regularly for periodic inspection. It feels good when you get what you spend. Good job, great service.
auto care services

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