Brake Repair and Replacement

Brake Repair And Replacement

Brakes are undoubtedly among the most essential components of your car which is required to decelerate the car and ensure safety whenever you go for a ride. There is no trace of doubt that a lot is dependent on your car brakes, making it one of the basic, yet crucial aspects. There is no scope of taking chances as it is associated with the safety of everyone, not just the ones who are in the car but people outside too. To save your brakes from unexpected failure and issues, there is a requirement of quality service and replacement with genuine quality parts. Just like any other component of the car, they are too subject to wear and tear. Below are some reasons which are responsible for poor braking. 

  • Due to constant use, brakes get hard due to heat, making them no longer effective in catching or stopping the rotation of the brake drum or rotor. Overheating makes the brakes ineffective and decreases its functionality. 
  • Oil coming out from the rear differential or front transaxle can get brakes adversely affected. 
  • Regular brake maintenance helps in keeping the brakes functionality to normal and saves time and money in the longer run.

Signs Your Brakes Need A Service

We all want to be insured with safety, so it’s better to take actions before things get bad. Below are some signs which no one should ignore in their car:

  • Noisy Brakes

If you experience some unusual sound as soon you step on the brake pedal, signs are your brake pads have worn, affecting brake pads and disc brake rotor. In this case, there is a need for checking or replacement if needed. 

  • Brake Warning Light

All thanks to technology, this is the easiest way to diagnose car brake issues as your dashboard will show warning light. Although it does not differentiate between big and small issues, it is an alert call to get your car checked by us.

  • Spongy brake Pedals

If you experience your car brakes as spongy as soon you step on it, chances are that your brakes pad have been adversely affected.

  • Slower Brakes

The brakes will respond slowly and won’t be successful in providing friction to the rotors which are responsible for slowing the vehicles. 

  • Vibrations

If you are feeling some vibration when you put your foot on the pedal, it might be because of brake pads or brake rotors.

Our Services Include

Your safety and comfort matters to us. For which, we provide a plethora of services covering all sorts of components essential for effective braking service. All the services are carried out by the team of experts using a specialised set of instruments and tools.

  • Replacement of brake pads 
  • Diagnosing the brake and servicing the slides
  • Cleaning the disc rotors and inspecting any wearing.
  • Analysis and topping up of the brake fluid
  • Wheel bearings Diagnosement and fine-tuning as necessary

(Note: Before providing our service, we conduct an assessment which unclutters every aspect. We inform our customers before starting our job and seek their approval.)

We understand the true meaning of safe driving experience and what it matters to one and all. SAI Auto Care has a team of proficient mechanics who carry out respective tasks with dedication and honesty. For making sure that our services give 100% to our customers, all our services are tried and tested, therefore there is no sign that you are visiting us soon. To match the standards and expectations of our customers, we have invested a lot in getting the top quality replacement parts if there are no chances of repairing. We use specialised instruments and modern technology for getting the best possible results for our clients, making us the people choice for car services and repairs in Perth of all makes and models.

If you are looking for best car service providers which can do the best service for your car, your search ends with SAI AUTO CARE, call us now and get the best services at best rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The car brakes replacement cost depends upon the specifications as what make and model you own. The brake pads and disc rotor price starts from 325 and go up to 700 AUD. In the case of high-performance cars, the price of car brakes can go beyond 1000 AUD.

It all depends on the skills of the mechanics. If you consider professional mechanics for doing the job of brake repairs, they can do the job within an hour or even less. When it comes to brakes, one should always consider skilled mechanics as its directly associated with safety.

Brakes are fundamental to the safety of everyone and not just the car driver. Ideally, it will be a wise decision to go for car brakes check after every six months. When it comes to brakes checks, consider only the best auto repair experts in the industry who can provide the best set of practices to enhance the sense of security whenever you head for a drive.

To check the condition of your car brakes, pay close attention to the sound of brake pads. If your car brakes are making a squealing or grinding sound, chances are that the brake pads are worn and require replacement. In case of replacement, choose the trusted auto repairs shop for getting the best results.

Below are the warning signs that simply indicate issues in the car brakes. If you are experiencing any of the signs, consider taking the services of a skilled auto repair expert for getting rid of the issue at the earliest.

  • Thin Brake Pads
  • Vibration
  • Pulling
  • Loud Unusual Sound
  • Warning Lights