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Maintaining a spotless and aesthetically appealing car is the desire of every car owner.Just like we take care of our body and appearance, we need to take care of our favorite automobiles which are not less than any prized possession. An expert car wash and cleaning services assure best performance of your car and helps in maintaining its resale value. For providing best in town car detailing services, SAI Auto Care utilizes the matchless abilities and premium class products to offer quality car detailing services at our Perth based car service station. Our flexible plans will assist in choosing the best car detailing package that is parallel to the requirements of our customers.

Car detailing is a set of cleaning procedures that includes both interior and exterior of the car. Our exemplary car detailing service incorporates car interior cleaning, interior vacuum cleaning, seat cleaning, upholstery cleaning, windshield cleaning, use of wax covering, and tire and guard dressings. You can trust us for your car cleaning and its regarding service no matter what make and model you own. We understand the science of car detailing services and give our best efforts in preserving its looks and performance for years to come

Our Car Detailing Services Includes

Seat Treatment: Your clean car seats go from spotless to dirty over the period of time. We’ll treat your car by doing intensive cleaning of your leather seats that will diminish all the dirty spots.

Headlight Restoration: This incorporates headlight restoration that lights up your surfaces and reworks dull headlights to a like-new condition

Paint Correction and Polish Services: Our car polish services will bring out the best appearance of your car and protect it for frameworks. Our high-quality polish will assure predominant sparkle and assurance.

Car Interior Clean: From cola stains to coffee spills, we’ll clean everything by going inside the tighter surface of your car. We will do much more profound interior service by covering the smallest to biggest detailing aspect of your car interior. Our technicians will utilise state of the art materials to provide services like cleaning windows, seats, mats, and dashboards.

Ozone Treatment: This includes careful cleaning of the air in your vehicle by guaranteeing clean airflow free from smoke, microbes, pet smells, and different allergens or toxins.

Carpet Deep Clean: This service accompanies an exhaustive cleaning of your rugs and floor mats by using premium cleaning materials.

Wheel Polish: This choice is tied in with keeping your wheels sparkly and immaculate. This incorporates the evacuation of brake residue and destructive development.

Interior Conditioning: This bundle incorporates the use of conditioner to your scramble, reassure, and entryway boards.

Why Choose us for Car detailing Services in Perth?

At SAI Auto Care, you will discover hands down the best treatment of car detailing services in Perth that will match your expectations and your car’s requirements. We are profoundly energetic about car detailing which is a combination of experience and skills we have earned over the years. We are committed to offering best in class quality at economical prices, which is the reason our point will consistently be to keep up consumer loyalty by working with our client’s timetable, area, and spending plan. If you are keen on getting a car cleaning service or from the most amicable specialists around, reach us at SAI Auto Care for getting the best for your car. Our rich experience in car cleaning can provide you service which is attention to detail in every aspect. SAI’s professionally trained mechanics can also deliver a range of specialist services so that you get everything for your car on a single roof. Get in touch for detailing or any other service for your car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A full car detailing include cleaning of extensive cleaning of car interior and exterior. The aspects that are covered in full car detail typically include:-


  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Car Washing
  • Surface Claying
  • Rubbing & Polishing
  • Paint Sealing
  • Headlights & Taillights and misc.


  • Interior Vacuuming
  • Brushing & Cleaning
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Perfuming

The cost of car detailing is dependent upon the car’s make and model. If you own a small car, the cost can go around 55 to 130 dollars. If you have an SUV, the cost can go around 80 to 155 dollars.

Detailing your car can enhance the resale value, performance, and aesthetics appeal. Coming back to the question, it is a good call to go for car repairs and services.

Considering the advice of auto repair experts, it is imperative to go for a car detailed service after every 4 to 6 months.

The duration of a full car detail service can be around 6 to 10 hours.