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Tyre- A link between the road and car which is fundamental for safe driving. No matter what model you drive, car tyres will be counted among the most essential aspects which are directly linked to safety and comfort. From bearing the complete load of the car to acting as a shock absorber, a right set of tyres do too much for us. To make sure that they are maintained in a good condition, appropriate car tyre services guarantee its ideal working condition and proficiency.

It helps in having a decent command for better, protected and wonderful driving experience. Brakes are dependent on your tyres and, there is no trace of doubt that what the importance of phenomenal braking for safe driving is. Regardless of how best quality your car brakes are, if the tires are inadequately kept up, there are chances of accidents or any misfortune. Our appropriate tyre service guarantees that your car tyre works adequately. From repairs to replacement, we do everything which works best for your car and its tyres. We have a stock of leading car brands tyres which stand for their quality and performance and can withstand any track with perfection.

General Tyre Fittings And Repairs

Your car tyres go through a lot, and we understand it. We do all the necessary puncture to repair service whichever is best for your tyres. We will replace your tires with the most suitable match so that there is perfect balance whenever you go for a ride.

SAI auto care ensures that there is no trace of doubt you feel while driving on the road for which we use the latest technology in all our services. Our highly advanced garage and set of tools help in diagnosing issues in your car so that when it goes out of our workshop, it is 100% fine. We do not believe in charging more than a reasonable amount as we are here to serve and be your trusted auto repair partner.

All our services come with a promise of genuine legitimate approach and, tyre-fitting and repair service is one of them. Get your tyre fittings and repairs services with us and achieve a sense of security with your every drive.

SAI Auto Care- Best Car Tyre Repairing And Service In Perth

There is no matter of having a car without having equally competent tyres. Quality tyres go a long way and ensure safety for everyone. From potholes to rough tracks, your tyres are the ones which get adversely affected in your car and therefore they need extra pampering and support.

We, SAI Auto care, are here to help you with all sorts of car services so that you don’t get stuck on the road with your bad tyres. Our prompt inspection helps in identifying all the spots where you need to concentrate on your car. Our car repair shop is recognised for providing services which are majorly dependent on technology. Just make a call to us and allow us to serve you with the best of our capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tyres come in a variety of ranges. If you consider going for a high brand car tyre, it will be costing around 500 dollars. Good Quality Tyres cost around 250 dollars whereas economical average tyres will be costing around 160 dollars.

Car tyres regularly require uniform maintenance for enhancing their life and productive use. Some aspects that can help in enhancing car tyre safety are:

  • Regular Rotation
  • Proper Balance and Alignment
  • Proper Inflation

The time duration of car tyres change depends upon mechanic to mechanic. If you consider an amateur or local mechanic, it might take 30 mins whereas a professional counterpart can do that in simply 15 to 20 minutes.

Car tyres need to be replaced when their tread gets worn out. Although even if that does not happen, it’s a good call to go for car tyre replacement after every 5 to 6 years.

The pressure of the car tyres should be around 30- 33 PSI. It is better to consider the advice of a car expert in knowing the pressure of your car tyres.

Considering the general fact that most people drive 12 to 15 k miles every year, the average lasting duration of car tyres will be around 3-5 years. The time duration also depends upon the driving style of individuals and maintenance.