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Just imagine you get into your car full of excitement as you are going on a trip with your friends and the car is not responding as soon as you turn your keys in the ignition. Very unfortunate! Well, your batteries are responsible for it as they are dead or facing any fault. Batteries function the same way just like the human heart. It is hard to imagine a functioning body without a healthy heart; it needs to be taken care if you aim for a battery smooth driving experience.

Car batteries are responsible for running the electrical system and automatic components. They also stabilise voltage for keeping electrical components running. There are some common factors which are responsible for battery failures such as corrosion, cold weather and electronic drain. Sometimes batteries also fail over time like other equipment. We, SAI Auto Care, provide all sorts of car battery service in Perth from charging to replacing, carefully done by a team of specialised experts. Our services result in enhancing fuel capacity and maintaining your car for years to come. If you seek car battery replacement, we do have a collection of best-branded car batteries which are suitable for your car’s make and model no matter what you own.

When Do You Need To Replace Your Car Battery?

It is not only you, but most of us give their attention only to the looks of the car and not to its battery which is its heart. But as it’s important, there is a need for taking care of your car batteries if you want to keep your car running.

Just like changing fluids or performing any other service, car batteries are too required to be replaced after some time as its performance starts getting affected. Car batteries last for 4-5 years as Australia has a hot climate. In winters, the car batteries perform best for 3-4 years.

Wherever you go for charging, which is a part of car battery maintenance, their performance gets worn down and slowly becomes inefficient due to constant use. Our experts will test your battery and provide you with the exact amount of charge left in them through complete diagnostics. If there is a need for car battery replacement, we will do it with replacing it with a battery of similar specifications for optimised results.

Our Car Battery Repairs And Services

Many car experts have stated the importance of car battery regular services and how it is necessary for efficient services. When you visit a repair shop for any issue regarding your battery, you will witness humongous services catering to any issue with your car batteries. For tackling anything which you might face in your car battery, we provide the below mentioned services as per cars of all makes and models.

  • Battery Charging: We can add life to your dead batteries by recharging it with our specialised voltmeter. SAI performs a mandatory car battery check-up for analysing the current battery status of your car. Through our upgraded instruments, we extend the battery life and take you away from running into problems.
  • Car Battery replacement service: As stated above, there are numerous factors behind the car battery to become inefficient and not usable further. We do the car battery installation as per the make and model of the car which ensures the best result for our customers.

What Makes Us Trustworthy For Car Battery Repair Services?

With new modifications and upgradations coming now and then, many new features have been introduced in cars resulting in more usage of battery. It’s becoming necessary to extra pamper your car battery for getting phenomenal driving experience. For taking the best and genuine care of your car battery and providing all sorts of repair issues which it might face, our mechanics in Perth are seasoned to deliver the results you expect. What makes us best is services is our approach to the problem as we don’t believe in cutting corners or skipping any essential aspect. Whatever small or big issue comes to us, we deliver the specific service with our updated tools and machinery for quicker and, 100% guaranteed results.

Let us help in making the heart of your car pump like it’s newly installed. Get in touch with us now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price of a car battery is primarily influenced by the car’s make and model. The cost of a car battery can be around 55 to 125 dollars. Some special batteries can cost around 80 to 200 dollars.

The time to get your car battery replaced will be based upon the condition of the battery and vehicle maintenance. If you are living in colder regions, the need for battery replacement can emerge after 3 years whereas, in hot areas, it can be up to 5 years.

Car Battery duration depends upon the user to user. Going as per the general scenario, it is believed that car batteries duration is 3 to 5 years. After 5 years, the car performance starts affecting adversely.

The optimum and best way that can help in maintaining the car battery and enhance productivity is keeping it away from any sort of dirt. Regular car battery testing also ensures that batteries are charged correctly.

Some of the signs that indicate car battery issues in your vehicle:-

  • The vehicle is Struggling to Start
  • Electrical Malfunctions
  • Flickering/Dimming Lights
  • Corrosion
  • Dashboard Warning Light