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If you are a fan of off-road driving and love the adventures which come along with it, 4wd vehicles are gold for you. This hard vehicle can withstand all weathers and harsh conditions and, therefore, when it comes to its servicing, there is no point of taking it to an amateur who doesn’t understand your vehicle. There is no requirement of a genius brain that consistent off-road driving and towing or other activities can affect the performance of your four-wheel drive cars, which mean you so much.

For passionate drivers like you, we provide specialised 4wd service in Perth by providing exceptional class services designed for your fun and thrill four-wheeler. Our team of 4wd transmission specialists have experience and skills to help our customers through comprehensive diagnostics and expert analysis for treating any issue with guaranteed positive results.

Our Top Class 4WD services include

For any trouble you are facing in your 4wd, you will find the answer to every four-wheel-drive repair issue with us. Below you can check out the following services which are majorly faced by many 4wd users.

  • Transmission Repair

Due to the harshness which comes along with fun and adventure when we drive offroad, transmission gets affected adversely. Our expert transmission mechanics provide all-round services which include clutches, axles, and any other components associated with transmission.

  • Brake Repair

No matter what vehicle you drive, brakes are essential in any scenario. For providing you best in class brake services, we repair components such as rotors and drums through our specialised instruments. If there is a requirement of placing new brakes, we use only genuine quality brakes for superior control and the best four-wheel drive repair services.

  • Tires services

They bear all the load and therefore, they need expert attention. To save your dollars and stop you from buying new tires now and then, we do the tire repair services by diagnosing the issue and working correctly in that direction. If there is a requirement of replacement, we provide genuine quality tires which will help in your adventure.

Why does your four-wheel drive need regular inspections?

For making sure your adventure companion can serve you best anytime, anywhere, there is a requirement of regular inspections which is an essential aspect assuring splendid performance. Through regular inspections, any issue gets detected in the earlier stages and rectified with immediate effect. Proper periodic inspections come along with many advantages for its owners. Below are the reasons which justify the importance of regular inspections performed by our four-wheel-drive specialist.

  • Saving you from paying high: It’s better to get the problem resolved in the earlier stages so that it gets rectified early with relevant repairs practises. Delaying regular inspection results in paying a higher amount in the later stages.
  • Tracing car issues in the early stages: With regular inspection, any problem gets traced in early stages and saves the owner from dealing with any emergencies. We do conduct a complete inspection which covers issues you are facing like appropriate 4wd wheel alignment, brakes, fluid checking and many more for delivering a complete solution.

Why choose SAI auto care for your 4WD service?

The perfect thing you can do for your 4wd is taking it to an expert who understands it well from inside to out. Our 4wd mechanics in Perth will do all the necessary inspection, which is vital to enhancing the performance of your 4wd vehicle. When you choose us for doing any repair task or regular 4wd maintenance, we use quality components and fluids for providing a reliable solution which speaks for itself. All our services come at economical prices, so that you pay a genuine amount whenever you take our services. Our repair mechanics will do the complete inspection of your car and provide you the list of required services in your car along with prices so that you can select the most necessary as per priority.

What keeps you thinking, take your vehicle to our 4 wheel drive repair shop and let the experts show their expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If we consider the advisory provided by the car experts, it is ideal to go for 4wd servicing within 25,000 to 40,000 km. The 4wd service duration also differs as per the car’s make and model.

The 4wd service cost is dependent upon the car’s make and model. It also depends upon the present condition of the car as if the car is requiring more maintenance, there will be more requirements of services. As regular service can enhance the productivity of the vehicle, it is best to never neglect the 4wd repairs service from a skilled expert.

Some of the 4X4 servicing includes:

  • Checking of steering and suspension
  • Engine oil and oil filter Replacement
  • Deep Check top-up tyre pressure
  • Checking of a clutch system
  • Checking of battery and its charging capacity
  • Adjusting of handbrakes
  • Checking and top-up of all the fluids.

4Wd cars are majorly driven on rough terrains that makes them vulnerable to damages. Hence it is necessary to go for maintaining the 4wd services by considering regular maintenance at an authorised car repair workshop.