Hybrid and Electric (EV)

Hybrid Car & Electric Vehicle Service Perth

Hybrid vehicles have gained wide popularity in recent days. If you have a hybrid car as well, then, maintaining it properly is important! We at SAI Auto Care provide hybrid car service to our customers of first-rate quality.

Our specialists will assist you in maintaining your hybrid car through regular servicing and repairing of your hybrid vehicle. Our chief objective lies in ensuring a smooth and sound operation of your hybrid vehicle. All of our technicians are highly qualified, hence, will provide you the most compatible services according to your tailor-made requirements. 

Expect Personalised Hybrid Car And Electric Service Solutions!

Every hybrid and electric car comes with a different model in the market.  Our learned technicians can provide tailor-made solutions to all of our clients. Our high-quality hybrid and electric services are the most sought-after across the entire Perth.

We understand that keeping your hybrid vehicle in a prime condition is not easy. So, once you contact us, we will provide you the most superior-quality hybrid and electric vehicle services ever!

We are available to our customers during flexible working hours for providing them with our services.

Our Premium Hybrid And Electric Car Services Includes

Irrespective of your usual hybrid car repair and service criteria, we are ready to serve you until your complete satisfaction. We offer the following services for every owner of an electric or hybrid vehicle including: 

  • Replacement of the cooling system fluid of the hybrid inverter 
  • Alteration of Hybrid Filter and Engine Oil 
  • Electronic mode of bleeding of the regenerative braking system of your hybrid vehicle 
  • Ascertaining optimum condition for the various High Voltage fans operated through batteries 
  • Inspection and subsequent cleaning of the High Voltage battery cooling vents 
  • Usage of avant-garde hybrid inspection components to inspect the evenness of the High Voltage (HV) batteries
  • Switching off the Hybrid Triangle right over the dash 
  • Inspecting and repairing of the High Voltage Hybrid Battery 
  • Flushing, filtering and altering the oil of the Hybrid transmission 
  • Alteration of the filter and oil of the Hybrid Engine etc. 

With our premium hybrid and electric car maintenance services, we ensure trouble-free drive sessions for all our customers. Our hybrid and electric car service technicians have years of experience of servicing several other vehicles before. We optimise the latest tools and techniques while providing our exceptionally competent hybrid and electric car services.

Choose SAI Auto Care’s Hybrid and Electric Specialists To Improve Your Car Performance!

To rev up your hybrid vehicle’s efficiency, you need to contact SAI Auto Care right away! An auto electrician from our team will be extra careful while diagnosing your electric or hybrid vehicle. Our technicians are skilled enough to personalise their services according to your car’s model and pertinent features. At present, we are considered the best auto repair shop for providing our customers the following benefits: 

  • We provide a diverse range of electric and hybrid car maintenance and repair services to our customers. 
  • Our technicians will deliver you any possible service within the stipulated time-frame. 
  • All of our electric and hybrid car service solutions are according to the highest vehicular standards in Perth. 
  • We offer the fastest service when it comes to providing premium electric and hybrid car services. 
  • Our technicians use the latest equipment and tools while providing high-quality services. 

We pride ourselves for having a team of extensively experienced specialists for different electric and hybrid vehicles. So, to get proficient auto care services of electric and hybrid vehicles, contact us right now! We will be more than happy to serve you.

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