February 16, 2022

Subaru Outback Turbocharged Version: Possibility To Be Soon In Australia

The Australian automobile market is all set to welcome a potent Turbocharged Version of its Subaru Outback! The company has been working profusely hard with skilled Subaru mechanics to meet the rising demands of the customers, longing for a more powerful variant.

The Outback provides a 194kW/376Nm with 2.4-litre turbocharge. The Australia team has been working diligently with the Subaru service team to introduce high-performing versions. Subaru’s wagon-turned-SUV range is no more available since mid-2021 after the stock of Outback’s 190kW with 3.6-litre six-cylinder engine got over.


To excel in the automobile world with distinct customer demands, Subaru’s Outback version was a fine blend of SUV style along with the conventional station wagon. With raised suspension and a plastic body lifestyle seamlessly blended with a carlike feel behind the steering, the buyers had an option to pick either turbocharged or non-turbo four-cylinder engines. The Outback formula was exceptionally successful for years!

• Back in 2018, the company had ceased the production of its turbocharged Subaru Forester. That model had an impressive market share with one in five sales in Australia, to believe the reports.

• The New York Motor Show in April 2019 witnessed the sixth-generation Subaru Outback. The Australian fans of this niche brand were left amazed by its powerful 194kW 2.4-liter turbocharged feature but were disappointed to know that this variant is only for North America.

• In 2021, the company also discontinued its six-cylinder Subaru Outback, which stood at a 15% share of all the models.

The 136kW, 239Nm, and 2.5-liter petrol variant did well for many years in Australia. It registered a modest performance, and the customers were hoping for a higher-output variant.

Next on the cards…..

Realizing the niche demand of the customers, who are looking for improved versions, the company is aiming for faster delivery.

To cite the words of the Subaru Australia leader Blair Read, he said that the company is all ears to the customer demands. At the launch of the new Subaru latest car BRZ, he added that this new and upgraded model with a 2.4-liter turbo would soon be delivered in Australia for their esteemed customers.

Though the company has a rich history of offering high-power SUV ranges, Subaru is now more considerate about managing its aging engines and global emissions compliance guidelines.

What can we expect in 2022?

The Outback model for 2022 will be characterized by:

• Additional ground clearance
• Improved suspension
• Water-Repellant upholstery for interiors.
• Yokohama all-terrain tires
• Styling accentuations

Not to forget, the model with the turbocharged four-cylinder engine will have a roof rack that can support up to 700 pounds.

Outback Premium usually comes with:

• A touchscreen of 11.6-inch
• Heated seats (front only)
• A 4G LTE mobile hotspot
• The driver’s seat with power adjustment feature
• Several USB ports

The customer requirement, including a hands-free power liftgate, blind-spot monitoring, passive entry powered by push-button start, may be included.

The Outback with a standard engine promises incredible acceleration. The turbocharged version commits significantly faster transmission. The auto mechanic experts observed that the Outback owners are more bothered with the quality of the ride and light off-road driving. The car’s adaptability to navigate comfortably with a decent amount of ground clearance and all-wheel drive makes it easy to handle harsh weather and muddy roads.

The Outback’s suspension has provided their clients with an easy ride to manage on a highway. While the standard engine can tow 2700 pounds, the turbocharged may pull 3500.

Are you dreaming of Subaru Outback Turbocharged Version already? Stay tuned for more updates.

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