September 7, 2021

Future of Volvo Electric Cars In Australia

Australians have a specific inclination for electric cars nowadays. Over a dozen luxury car manufacturers want to lure you into buying an electric car. However, only one car has conquered the wallets and hearts of Australian customers.

It’s none other than new volvo electric cars, which are nowadays unwavering future in the electric vehicles. Despite no government-led electric vehicle strategy, Volvo cars in Australia have assured bringing forward a classic range of electric cars in Australia.

The Managing Director of Volvo cars Australia, Stephen Connor, has proclaimed that every model of Volvo will either be completely electric by 2022 or will possess a true-electric variant. This is how the luxury car brand will shift to electric completely by 2030.

The Older Volvo Electric Cars

Volvo has ventured into the most recognised world of electric cars with the Volvo C30 electric model. The first-ever entirely electric Volvo Electric car was the Volvo C30 DRIVe Electric premium compact hatchback.

This model came with an 82kW super-efficient electric motor powered by a 24kW lithium-ion battery pack. It delivered the highest speed of approximately 130km/h and a complete electric range of approx 150 km max.

A specific move by Volvo has firmly emphasised its intention to market the new Volvo electric cars as fuel-free cars with a minimal environmental hazard. But, the older Volvo C30 DRIVe electric car was discontinued in 2013 after a plethora of investigations.

Volvo Electric Vehicles Available In Australia

The Volvo XC40 Recharge Electric car is the newest model available in Australia, with the highest price tag of $76,990 and the on-road price. This car comes under the NSW Government’s threshold for the electric vehicle stamp-duty waiver.

It implies that drivers can seamlessly keep an additional $3000 in their pockets instead of spending on stamp duty. Tesla Model Y SUV is one of its biggest competitors of the Volvo cars when it comes to safety features.

The XC40 Recharge electric comes with a total of 660Nm of torque and 300kW of power. Therefore, all are exclusively powered by a substantial 78kWh battery, which can seamlessly deliver a full-fledged driving range of 418km.

The Future of Volvo Electrified Cars

Volvo has proclaimed that the future of electric cars in Australia is pretty amazing as it has started planning on manufacturing electric vehicles by 2030. By showcasing the future of Volvo Electric cars, it has also stated that there will be “no future” for those fuel-driven cars, emitting derogatory gases by internal combustion of the engines.

Impersonating Tesla’s playbook, Volvo has also informed that its entire electric vehicle models will be completed by 2030. So, if you have a super-fast internet connection, it’s a piece of good news for you.

It has also assumed that half of its conglomerate sales will be entirely electric by 2025. With this brightest future ahead, the volvo car servicing will be much easier.

More precisely, Volvo believes that they can lead the electrification charge by being the sole manufacturer to possess a complete model line-up containing mild hybrid, PHEV, and battery vehicles by July 2021.

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