April 25, 2021

Isuzu D-Max And Mazda BT-50 Continue to dominate the sales chart for the feb month

News summary: Check out the latest updates about the two new models! Isuzu D-Max and Mazda BT-50!

The Mazda’s BT-50 and Isuzu’s D-Max might not look the same from the outside, but don’t be mistaken. It’s because the BT-50 from Mazda is just a reskin of D-Max from Isuzu. There are many people out there who have no idea that these two vehicles share the same fundamental chassis, bulk interior construction, engine, and drivetrain. What’s more? Well, both these cars are manufactured on the same factory line. Not too long ago, both of these vehicles have gained plenty of spotlight for continuing their strong run-on sales during February.

How Mazda BT-50 and Isuzu D-Max were running on sales?

It was reported by the most recent sales data from VFACTS of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries that Isuzu D-Max along with its twin Mazda BT-50 have been strong in terms of sales. Isuzu has reported that around 1765 of their D-Max models were sold over the entire month. This comprises 1280 4-wheel drive variants, 485 rear-wheel-drive variants, and 4 x2 models.

On the other end, Mazda has claimed that they sold around 1184 examples of their BT-50 vehicles. Out of these numbers, 1015 of them 4-wheel drive, and the rest of the 169 of them were rear-wheel drive.

How will it affect the market?

The number of vehicles both Isuzu and Mazda have sold during February is outstanding. Combining the figures of both the models have provided a total of 2949 cars were sold within a month. This makes the combined tally the second most selling car February 2021 across Australia.

These numbers have even exceeded the numbers of Ford Ranger, which were 2900 units, but they are behind Toyota Hilux, which sold 4808 units. Apart from that, this particular combination figure also represents a 2.7% increase within the results of January, right when the 2869 examples of both D-Max and BT-50 were reported as sold.

What is the price of the two models, and how different are they from each other?

The current price for BT-50 begins at $36,550 on-road, and for the D-Max, the price begins at $32,200 on-road. Although these two models are packed with many similarities, there are still some differences between them. Their actual difference lies in the variant offerings and specifications. Mazda did not bring up the space cab or single cab versions, but only has the three-tiered range, which includes the GTR, XTR, and XT. On the other hand, Isuzu has a wide range of body styles within more grades, such as the X-Terrain, SX, LS-U, and LS-M.

Get real-time updates

Both Mazda and Isuzu have been the top choices for many individuals in Australia. For such reasons, they were able to go strong within the area of sales. If you are interested to learn more about these vehicles and gain updates, get in touch with SAI Auto Care to gain expert guidance on such matters.

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