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Minor Body Repairs Perth

It goes without saying that as a car owner, we want our car to perform best every time and for that regular maintenance and servicing is highly recommended. Servicing your car adds life and productivity; therefore, it should not be skipped. It is widely experienced that most car owners overlook or underestimate the importance of minor car services which later cost them hefty amounts.

A minor car repair service is a fundamental way of keeping up your car in smooth condition for years to come. Minor issues consist of maintains lubricant and fluid levels, together with an inspection of brakes, minor body repair, exhaust, steering & suspension and other essential safety items.

We know that for most of us, a car is a valuable asset and no one wants to compromise on its performance, so even if you come to us for a minor repair service, you witness our best efforts.  We make sure that your entire set of minor issues such as auto body repairs, A.C, Suspension and other specific services as per make and model gets to meet with us.

For making sure we achieved the desired outcome for our customers, we do conduct a before and after repair road test before handing over the car keys to our customers.

What Minor Body Repair Services Do We Offer?

Minor car service ensures that all your issues are rectified in their budding stages which helps in saving money and time in the long run. For serving you a complete all-round solution, we provide you plethora of minor car services as per cars of different makes and models. All these services are been provided by legitimate industry methods ensuring transparency in our operations.

Our technicians use industry-recommended products and spare parts so that you feel the new and fresh experience after getting your car repaired with us. If there is a need arises of any specific service as per your car make or model, you can speak to our technicians and get relevant support from us. All these below mentioned services ensure that your car is running in a smooth condition and not causing you any trouble or unexpected breakdown in the middle of the road.

  • Inspection of wiper blades  
  • Inspection of Belt and hose
  • Inspection of light and tyres.
  • Inspection of windscreen wipers and washers.
  • Car Battery testing 
  • Cooling system tests by analysing the working of Air conditioners.
  • Car Body Repair 
  • Car Scratch Repair
  • Car Dent Repair
  • Oil Replacement
  • Inspection of Brakes and brake fluid
  • Collision Repair Services

Best Car Body Repairs At SAI Auto Care

SAI Auto Care is all around experienced in minor car servicing which is performed to limit the personal time and less operational expense. When you pick us for car repair servicing, you’ll go under an organization which knows the estimation of consumer loyalty and their important time. Our car mechanics work with highly advanced tools in the car body shop which is completely developed to repairing of cars of all makes and models, which gives the certainty and experience to deal with such issues in an ideal way.

We give the broadest and full indicative vehicle services for our customers. In our car indicative test, we find that the issues are frequently not genuine and promptly amended. In any case, overlooking to address them will be a costly affair. If you are confronting any issue identified with your vehicle, visit car service Perth workshop today and get your car back on street.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of minor car body damage depends upon the volume of issues you are facing in your vehicle and the type of car you are driving. If you own a luxury car, the expenses of minor body repairs are on a higher side compared to small cars or hatchbacks.

Roughly, the expenses of minor car body damage are around $80 -$2,600.

Fixing a car scratch is not a big deal as most car repair shops have advanced tools to do the job with perfection. Roughly it would take around 3-4 days to fix a car scratch and make it look like new.

The windshield wiper fuse gets blown out when the engine gets overloaded. If there is any sort of obstruction in running, better take the consultation of a car mechanic who can do the replacement accordingly. A professional mechanic will inspect the situation and provide necessary solutions as per the car specifications.

Front end collisions can occur in many ways in your car. It primarily depends upon the extent of your car issue that qualifies that they are repairable or not. If you consider a professional mechanic for your car, they can provide dedicated solutions for your vehicle’s front end collisions.